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Collecting Signatures?

First of all, THANK YOU!!!


With thousands of signatures to collect, we cannot do this without volunteers like you!

Any time a person runs for elected office, they get on the ballot by gathering petition
signatures from registered voters.


You merely ask your friends, colleagues and/or
neighbors to be signers. They sign (in cursive) their names on one of the ten boxes on
the left column, and then print their address. If you want to fill in the address portion for
them, that is ok; but they must add their own signature.

Here is what you need to know:

There are three people involved in every petition: the circulator (that is you—the
person seeking signatures), the signer (that is the registered voter who signs on the
numbered lines) and the notary. We have prepared a sample petition, and their
respective sections are indicated in the margins.






Signers must be registered voters; they must live in the district (i.e., they must live
in any of the following Illinois counties: Will, DuPage, Kankakee, Grundy, LaSalle,
Iroquois, or Bureau). Please remind the signer to sign their name in cursive, but print
their address information.


If they accidentally printed their name, please ask them to
squeeze their signature into the margin next to the printed name. Blue pen is preferred
but not required.

After you have obtained all the signatures you are going to get, you have to
complete the affidavit portion of the petition
(again, we bracketed this portion of the form
and wrote “circulator” in the margin). This includes the circulator’s name, address, and
. Then have it notarized. However, here is the tricky part: you must sign it in
the notary’s presence, so save that until you see the notary
. The notary will then sign,
date, and stamp it.

Then you send the original back to us. Please leave “sheet no.____” blank. If you
feel there is a mistake or something, please notify Judge Anderson.

Please mail completed petitions to us at this address:
P.O. Box 30 

Manhattan IL 60442 


or call 815-661-6311 and we will come pick it up.

Even completing one sheet is a big help to us, but you can make
copies of the petition if you want to circulate more. THANK YOU!

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